It all started on our wedding vacation. Our goal was to find the best bloody caesar around. Turns out there wasn’t any; none that compared to our handmade mix. Right then and there we had the perfect idea -  stop searching for the best blend and make our own for everyone to enjoy as much as we do!

We have been perfecting our mix for years and we are so happy to share Kozy’s Bloody Caesars with you!

Why the pelican? We knew we wanted to incorporate a pelican within our logo that symbolized both our families. Davey spent every summer weekend on Pelican Lake with his family catching fish, swimming, and simply enjoying lake time. While Madi grew up in the lakes area of Pelican Rapids where most of her family still resides today. The Pelican symbolizes love and sacrifice which is so important to us and this new adventure! 

When life is sweet - add a little spice!  
Try yours today!